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Crazy guy attacks Taco Bell employees after getting free taco?!?!?!

Taco Bell International Menu Tasting

This guy is a true poster child for "Beggars can't be choosers"

A 39-year-old guy named Octavious Hodges went into a Taco Bell in Falmouth, Virginia on Monday and tried to order off the dollar menu . . . but he only had 70 cents.

One of the employees felt bad, and gave him a taco for free.

Well, as Octavious was unwrapping it, he got upset over the TYPE of taco they gave him. And he pulled a KNIFE on the staff . . . and even lunged at a few employees.

Then he took off running, but a police dog caught him in a field nearby.

He was charged with attempted malicious wounding, disorderly conduct, assault, and obstruction of justice. 

Photo: getty Images

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