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Walmart Employee's take money from donation to pay off layaways!

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Khalil Mack, a linebacker with the Chicago Bears, and his charity foundation made an $80,000 donation to a Walmart over Christmas in his hometown of Fort Pierce, Florida to pay off all the layaway accounts.

Well, it turned out that Walmart only had about $60,000 total in layaways. So instead of returning the $20,000, the managers and employees put a bunch of stuff for THEMSELVES on layaway . . . and used that money to pay it off.

A spokesperson from Walmart says, quote, "We have determined the store did not handle the transaction in keeping with Walmart's guidelines and have taken corrective action."

It's not clear what that action was . . . so we don't know if anyone from the store was suspended or fired, or had to return the stuff they got from the donation.

For what it's worth, Walmart's base pay for employees is below the poverty lineand the company has even held canned food drivesfor its own staff.

So it's possible a lot of the employees who used the donation were the people it was supposed to help . . . things just didn't go down in a way that was above board. 

What do you think- is that ok??

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