How many people have stuck with their New Year's Resolutions?

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We're three weeks into 2020 . . . so have you managed to stick with your New Year's resolutions or not?

Believe it or not, people are doing a surprisingly good job. 26% of people who made resolutions say they've kept them perfectly. And another 42% of people who made them say they've "mostly" stuck to them.

That means two-thirds of people who made New Year's resolutions are still going strong.

On the other end of things . . . 14% of people who made resolutions say they've mostly broken them, and another 14% say they've TOTALLY broken them. 

The other 4% aren't sure if they've kept their resolutions or not. They should probably make a New Year's resolution next year to remember basic information better. 

The 22% probably made a new year's resolution to eat more chocolate! LOL, that's the only way I would have succeeded!

Photo: Getty Images