The celeb reunion we all WANT to happen just might be happenin'

The Internet's obsession with BRAD PITT and JENNIFER ANISTON's reunion at the SAG Awards intensified yesterday . . . when people noticed that Jennifer seemed to have a finger underneath one of Brad's . . . LAPELS!!! OMGOMGOMG.... lol- but seriously it could mean something.

You can see it in a picture where Brad is holding Jennifer's wrist, and her hand is close to his chest. Even celebrities are fangirling over it . . . including and Brooklyn Decker and Jamie Lynn Spears.

Courteney Cox was apparently liking photos of Brad and Jen's reunion, too.

As much as everybody wants SEX to happen, Brad and Jen aren't giving any indication that it's imminent. 

After Jennifer won her SAG Award,"ET Canada" told her that Brad was watching her speech backstage and CRYING . . . and she just acted like she didn't believe it.