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Doing Good: Firefighters save man's job!


The only cashier at a gas station near Grand Rapids, Michigan got so sick this month, he had to call 911. But the store didn't have to shut down . . .

He made the 911 call around midnight, and also called his boss to find someone to fill in for him.

But paramedics took him to the hospital before the other cashier got there. And there were a bunch of customers waiting to buy stuff.

So instead of telling them to leave, a group of FIREMEN jumped behind the counter and ran the store.

Captain Chris Wieland says he had some trouble figuring out the register at first. But he finally got it working, and rang people up until the other employee got there.

One of the firemen downplayed the whole thing, and said any group of firefighters would have done it. Adding, "We're here to help."

The best news is the cashier who got sick was treated and released, and he's okay. (WOOD)

Photo: Getty Images

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