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These were officially the best rated ad's of the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl ads just aren't fun enough to warrant people watching the Super Bowl JUST for the commercials anymore . . . but there were a few highlights this year.

Ad-Meter has released its annual report on the best and worst-rated ads. The poll includes tens of thousands of participants, plus registered panelists, who were required to rate every eligible national ad during the game.

In the end, these were the Top Five, along with their scores:

1. Jeep,"Groundhog Day", 7.01 . . .Bill Murray reprises his role from the 1993 movie, partially because the game was on Groundhog Day.

2. Hyundai,"Smaht Pahk", 6.98 . . .John Krasinski,Chris Evans, and Rachel Dratch show off their fake Boston accents.

3. Google,"Loretta", 6.77 . . . An old guy asks his Google Assistant to help him find photos, videos, and memories of his wife Loretta, who'd passed away

4. Doritos,"The Cool Ranch", 6.62 . . .Sam Elliott and his mustache have a dance-battle withLil Nas X.

5. Rocket Mortgage,"Comfortable", 6.60. . .Jason Momoa strips off his "fake" muscles like a body suit. Underneath, he's scrawny and bald.

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