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A Million vs. A Billion Dollars

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Photo: Getty Images

We know there's a big difference between a million dollars and a billion dollars. But after watching this guy's TikTok video, well, "big difference" is an understatement. 

He put grains of rice on a table and had each grain equal to $100,000. 

Since one grain is $100,000, it takes 10 grains to make $1 million. But it takes 10 THOUSAND grains to equal $1 BILLION

Picture those next to each other on a table. One grain of rice . . . then 10 grains . . . and then a massive pile of 10 thousand grains of rice. 

At one point he took away enough grains from the big pile to buy a $5 million house, and the pile looked completely untouched.

Here's the link:

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