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COVID-19 Key Stats- What YOU need to know!

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Here are the big numbers about coronavirus you need to know to fully understand the scope of this outbreak.

On January 20th, the WHO situation report #1found 278 cases in China with six deaths, plus four other cases across Asia with no deaths. That was the worldwide total.

As of yesterday's WHO situation report #49, there were 109,577 confirmed cases worldwide across more than 100 countries and territories . . . up 3,993 from the day before. There have been 3,809 deaths worldwide . . . up 225 from the day before.

In China alone, there were 80,904 confirmed cases and 3,123 deaths. The WHO risk assessment for China is "Very High" . . . but on a global level it's also "Very High."

In the U.S., the WHO's latest report listed 213 cases and 11 deaths. But this is a situation where numbers are changing by the hour. A tweet by President Trump yesterday morning reported 546 confirmed cases in the U.S. and 22 deaths.

Prepare for those U.S. numbers to increase, though. One reason they're so low is because the U.S. didn't have enough tests ready. So testing has been limited and, therefore, confirmed results have been limited. Now more tests are ready to go.

You can check out the WHO's daily situation reports here

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