Maren Morris performed at Houston Rodeo 9 months pregnant

There was a chance that "nine months pregnant" MAREN MORRIS would go into labor while performing at the Houston Rodeo Show on Saturday. Obviously she didn't or that would be the story.

But she did joke about it during the show. She told the crowd,quote, "If I go into labor during this show, it's all good because it just means that my kid really wanted to be born in Texas. He's kicking. He knows that my adrenaline is on full blast." 

The adrenaline thing was no joke. According to one report, she was "so dialed in" during her performance that she was "occasionally short of breath between songs."

She gave it everything she had, and along the way made it a lifetime memory. She told the crowd, quote, "For the rest of my life, I'm gonna look back at this show and show my son footage of it. And tell him it got him out the door."

By the way, there was a safety net, so to speak. The car that brought her to the stage stayed there for her entire show.