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1 in 10 people think they HAVE the coronavirus

Long Island Laboratory To Start Semi-Automated Coronavirus Testing

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I'm pretty sure most of us never thought we'd get SARS or Ebola . . . but we can't say the same about coronavirus.

According to a new survey, one in five people say they believe they'll contract coronavirus . . . and only 22% say they're sure they won't.

Oh . . . and one in 10 people are pretty sure they ALREADY have it. The older you are, the less likely you are to think you currently have it.

The survey also asked people when they think life will be back to normal. The most common answer is three months, at 34%, and the second-most common is six months, at 26%.

17% of very optimistic people think things will be totally back to normal in one month.

On the other end of things, 13% think we won't be back to normal until the end of this year . . . 5% think it will be sometime after this year . . . and 5% think things will NEVER go back to normal. 

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