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A New List of Celebrities Who Now Have Coronavirus

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Harvey Weinstein has reportedly tested positive for coronavirus, yep in prison. His rep won't comment, but a supposed "law enforcement official" confirmed it to

The source says he's in isolation in his maximum security prison near Buffalo, New York. Harvey may have been the most deserving, but he was by far not the only celebrity to test positive in recent days. 

A bunch of other celebrities revealed that they're also infected this weekend:

1. Bravo host Andy Cohen says he got tested after a few days of "not feeling great." Andy had been planning to continue hosting"Watch What Happens Live"from his couch. It's not clear if that's still happening. 

2. Opera singer Placido Domingo announced his diagnosis yesterday.

3. Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan is livin' on a prayer at the moment . . . although he says he's getting better every day.

4. Debi Mazar from"Goodfellas" and"Entourage" says her whole family was down with some kind of bug a month ago. It cleared up, but two weeks later, her symptoms returned, only worse.  She's the only one sick this time, and it's not clear if what she and her family had the first time was coronavirus.

5. Colton Underwood from"The Bachelor"is 28 and considers himself to be "pretty healthy". But he says the coronavirus is, quote, "kicking my ass, just to put it very bluntly."

6. Not surprisingly, Idris Elba's wife Sabrina has also tested positive. The two of them were interviewed Oprah. Remotely, of course.

7. 62-year-old Prince Albert of Monaco is infected, but he says he's on the mend

8. Rand Paul is the first U.S. Senator to test positive, and he's denying reports that he went to the Senate gym AFTER learning he had coronavirus. 

Fellow Republicans Mike Lee and Mitt Romney are now self-quarantining because they've been around him recently . . . but neither of them is showing symptoms.

9. On a much more tragic note, British actress Sophia Myles says her father passed awayfrom the virus. He'd been quarantined in London when he passed.

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