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This video proves Taylor Swift wasn't lying about Kanye

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We have so many, much more important issues to confront right now, and yet somehow there are people who STILL care about the decade-old feud between KANYE WEST and TAYLOR SWIFT. So, here we go . . .

Remember in 2016, when KIM KARDASHIAN postedSnapchat videos of Kanye talking to Taylor on the phone about his song"Famous". . . to "prove" that he gave her a heads-up and cleared the lines with her?

Well, the full video of the 25-minute phone call has been released, and if you doubted Taylor, you owe her an apology. (Here's the full transcript.)

The video confirms Taylor's story: That Kanye talked to her about a "tongue-in-cheek" line about how they "might still have sex". . . but she DIDN'T know about the line he added, where he said he "made that [B-word] famous."

When Kanye reveals the sex line, Taylor laughs and says she's just glad it "wasn't mean," and he didn't call her, quote, "that stupid dumb [B-word]."

Kanye suggests Taylor could help launch the song. . . basically to show that she's endorsing it. She's hesitant about that part, but seems fine with the line itself.

Kanye talks about how, as a friend, he wouldn't want to say anything about Taylor without asking her first . . . and Taylor says how nice it was that he actually cleared it with her first. Which of course, IS what ended up happening.

Then, Kanye tips his hand a bit more: He asks Taylor if it's cool that, later in the song, he has a line about "making her famous." (Still no B-word.) Taylor bristles a bit, and says, quote, "Well, what am I going to do about it?" She also reminds Kanye that she'd already sold MILLIONS of albums before he supposedly "made her famous."

It's worth pointing out that Kanye says he's sending Taylor the full song and exact lyrics beforehand . . . but there's no indication that actually happened. Also, Taylor did NOT know she was being recorded.

The rest of the call is just Kanye rambling ON and ON about how he's going to change the world . . . how he's going to be a multi-billionaire . . . and about how he's the most important person driving culture around the world.

(Here's the full, UNCENSOREDvideo. .)

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