Doing Good: Man visits mom with truck lift

For years, Charley Adams has been visiting his 80-year-old mother Julie twice a week. Those visits were interrupted because of the situation we’re dealing with.

Even in-person visits at a distance were a challenge because Julie lives on the third floor of an assisted living complex. There was just too much of a risk of exposing her and her neighbors to illness, so he had to stay away – until now.

Charley happens to own a tree care service company, which includes trucks with tall bucket lifts. He was able to surprise his mom by showing up at her building – and then using the bucket lift to raise himself up to the third floor. He then called her and told her to look outside her window.

Thanks to Charley’s creativity, he was able to cheer his mom up with a 10-minute “visit,” while keeping everyone as safe as possible.

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