Experts say "no harm in emotional eating" right now

KFC Menu Items and Restaurant

KFC Menu Items and Restaurant

Sales receipts at grocery stores prove that American are eating more calories than before the virus hit.

Vegetable farmers report crops have spoiled. We’re reaching for carb calories and not healthy ones. Traditionally, Americans eat the most veggies when dining out, which has been reduced since the lockdowns.

Nearly 50 percent of Americans admitted to recently eating to stuff their emotions. The American Psychological Association said that’s perfectly acceptable considering out circumstances. During this pandemic, feel free to cope by over-eating. It’s a form of self-care.

A therapist said, (quote) “Those who emotionally eat may be overwhelmed with emotions like anxiety, shame or sadness.” She suggests the cure for those emotions is to practice self-compassion. Acknowledge our situation is difficult. Then place a hand on a comforting place on your body and forgive yourself. (The Washington Post)

Asking for a friend: is there also no harm if you've been emotional eating for longer than the coronavirus has been around??

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