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People are getting relief from credit card payments and more

NSA Use Of Phone Company Data Sparks Controversy

If you're worried about money and haven't done this yet, get on it. Because your chances of getting a "yes" are pretty good . . .

A new survey by found almost all financial institutions are offering breaks on credit card and mortgage payments right now. And over 90% of people who've asked for help have gotten it.

91% of people who've asked for a break on credit card payments have been approved. Including 67% who said they got a break on ALL their cards.

And 91% of homeowners who asked to pause their mortgage payments have also had success.

The survey found young people are even more likely to get a "yes" right now. But not everyone realizes it's something you can do.

18% of people who hadn't asked for help said they didn't realize it was an option. And women were twice as likely as men to say they haven't asked for help yet.

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