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What to Watch Next: My picks 4/16/20

Struggling to find something good to watch these days? You're not alone. Here are some shows and movies I've watched lately that were really good. (FYI- I am into thrillers and horror as well as drama and comedy)


Little Fires Everywhere

It stars Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington and is super juicy each week. I'm #teamReese all the way BTW even though her character is very flawed just like many in the show. Just like the title- there really are little fires everywhere going on which one causes the house to burn down??

Three Identical Strangers

a documentary about triplets who were separated at birth for a science experiment but good news they find each other later in life and actually get pretty famous!

The Clovehitch Killer

Dylan McDermott has never been this scary... usually he's the romantic lead but he plays a serial killer like nobodies business in this movie from 2018. I really liked it. Crazy!


Road Less Traveled

Remember Lauren Alaina from American Idol? She finished behind Scotty McCreery and has had a very successful country music career ever since and it turns out she can act too. Road Less traveled is a very "Lifetime" type movie but it was fun to watch and Lauren is really likeable!

I See You

Starring Helen Hunt- this thriller has the craziest twist at the end that I never saw coming. Great horror/thriller movie that will keep you guessing to the end


The Drowning

I told you you I like Thrillers- I promise to watch more comedy next week. But this one starring Julia Stiles will also keep you guessing til the end and what an ending it is! Pretty creepy!


Seriously if you haven't watched this yet- do. It's 3 seasons in and I think the 3rd season was the best so far. It's a very dark show though both the content and the actual screen so make sure the kids aren't in the room

About Time

Ok here's a funny one and it's romantic too- starring Rachel McAdams this time traveling movie will give you all the feels, I promise you'll like it

and if you're looking for a series try Northern Rescue or Virgin River (kinda chick-flick-ish but can't wait for season two of both of them)

Dead To Me

Starring Christina Applegate just announced it was coming back in May with a season 2 so now is the time to binge season 1 so you can be ready. It's both dark and crazy but funny too!

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