Avengers reunite to accept Kids Choice Award

Six of the "Avengers" cast members reunited virtually over the weekend to accept the Kids' Choice Award for favorite movie for"Avengers: Endgame".

CHRIS EVANS joined Instagram over the weekend to accept the All In Challengefor COVID-19 relief.

Chris was challenged by one of the other Chrises,CHRIS PRATT.

Evans came up with something pretty epic: He's assembling the Avengers. In his video, he said, quote, "I'm offering a virtual hang-out with me, and five of my closest friends . . .

"Robert Downey Jr.(Iron Man),Chris Hemsworth(Thor),Scarlett Johansson(Black Widow),Mark Ruffalo(Hulk), andJeremy Renner(Hawkeye)."

He said there will be a private Q&A where YOU can ask them anything, and then some games . . . possibly Scattergories. I mean, who HASN'T dreamed of playing Scattergories with the Avengers?