Did Florida Georgia Line copy their new song???

Have you noticed that FLORIDA GEORGIA LINE's "I Love My Country" sounds just like KANE BROWN's "Short Skirt Weather"? Well, you're not the only one.

A YouTuber who calls himself Sir Mashalot posted a comparison of the two songs and you can barely tell the difference. He plays a little bit of each one and then mashes them together and they match up perfectly.

"Short Skirt Weather" is from Kane's 2018 album, "Experiment" . . . while "I Love My Country" just came out in March.

WhiskeyRiff.com also looked into it . . . and they discovered that Kane and two of his co-writers were added to the list of songwriters for "I Love My Country". HMMMM so it looks like this was probably acted on " behind the scenes" but it's out front now!