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Road Rage Survey

Coronavirus Pandemic Causes Climate Of Anxiety And Changing Routines In America

Have you ever given another driver THE FINGER? 

According to a new survey, 32% of people admit they've given another driver the finger . . . and that includes 8% of people who've chased the other driver and sped up just to make sure they could see the middle finger.

And it doesn't stop there . . .

34% of people have honked at someone for driving too slow.

18% have tailgated someone.

12% have cut in front of a bunch of people who were waiting in line to merge.

7% have stolen a parking spot from someone who was waiting.

7% have driven in the shoulder to get around traffic.

7% have dinged someone's car in a lot and drove way.

And 4% have keyed a car. 

Photo: Getty Images

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