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Talladega's show of support for Bubba Wallace

NASCAR Cup Series GEICO 500

BUBBA WALLACE got a HUGE show of support before the Geico 500 yesterday at Talladega, when dozens of drivers and their crews walked behind as his #43 car was pushed to the starting line. 

82-year-old team owner RICHARD PETTY also joined the procession to support his driver.

On Sunday, someone put a noose in Wallace's garage stall. Wallace is NASCAR's only black full-time driver. He's the guy who recently convinced NASCAR to ban the confederate flag from its races.

NASCAR is going all-in on finding out who's responsible for the noose. They're even working with the FBI . . . and whoever did it will be banned FOR LIFE.

(Bubba came in 14th place, by the way. Ryan Blaney won.)

Photo: Getty Images

Here's the view from Bubba's perspective

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