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Life Hack: Avoid Freezer Burn on your Ice Cream

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We're stress-eating ice cream so fast right now, this might not matter as much. But there's a simple trick to prevent freezer burn: Once you open a tub of ice cream, put it back in your freezer UPSIDE DOWN.

Upper-level ice cream fans might know this already. But it works so well, Ben & Jerry's suggests it on their website. Here's why . . .

When you refreeze things, the warm air that's gotten in sucks out some of the moisture. So the ice cream dries out a little bit, and the moisture that's pulled from it becomes ice crystals at the top.

When the ice cream on top gets REALLY melted, it can also drip down and melt the colder stuff at the bottom too. Which makes it even worse. But storing it upside down stops that from happening.

It's an even better idea if you accidentally leave ice cream out and it melts a lot. Just make sure the lid is on tight, so it doesn't spill out when you flip it over.

Making sure your freezer's cold enough stops freezer burn too. It should be zero degrees, or colder.

You also shouldn't store it in the door, because it thaws out a little bit every time you open it. So it's best to keep it in the back, with other cold stuff packed around it. 

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