Drive-In Home Depot Robbery in Trussville now Nationwide News

On Friday, a woman robbed a Home Depot in Trussville, Alabama . . . and she did it like she was recreating a low budget version of "Gone in 60 Seconds" or"The Fast and the Furious".

The woman backed her 2000 Pontiac Sunfire THROUGH the front doors of the Home Depot. Then she drove in reverse through the store, did a three-point turn, knocked over a shelf, and drove down an aisle.

She stopped her car in the aisle, hopped out, stole a bunch of stuff . . . then got back in and drove out the same way she came in.

All of the insanity was caught on two videos, and fortunately, no one was hurt or killed.

The cops are trying to track her down. 

HOW did she know her car would fit? How did no one catch her yet? So. Many. Questions.

Photo: Getty Images