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What is your cat really saying to you??

Happy sleeping ginger cat

Here's some positive news in 2020. We can finally have a conversation with our cat!! 

A former Amazon engineer, Javier Sanchez, who worked on Amazon's Alexa, is now a project manager with the tech company Akvelon. Sanchez is working to answer the question, "What is my cat trying to tell me?"

The app is called MeowTalk, a creation that promises to translate your cat's vocalizations into something humans can understand.

Using his Alexa experience and this research, Sanchez is working to decode meows into the phrases that cats are trying to convey, like "I'm hungry" and "I'm in pain."  

With the app, cat owners can record their cat's meows and then get a translation of the sound. Pet parents then have the option to fine-tune and train the app to learn their pet's unique vocalizations. Owners are also able to provide feedback to Meowtalk on the accuracy of the app's translations.

MeowTalk is still under development and is continually being refined and updated, but the prototype is available to download now for Apple and Andriod phones.

I feel like my cat is saying, "I hate you"

Photo: Getty Images

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