Brendan Fraiser to play 600 pound man

Premiere Of AT&T Audience Network's "Condor" - Arrivals

Premiere Of AT&T Audience Network's "Condor" - Arrivals

BRENDAN FRASER might be looking to score his first Oscar nomination. He's been cast to play a 600-pound middle-aged man in Darren Aronofsky's next movie, "The Whale", which is based on an Off-Broadway play.

The movie follows Brendan's character, Charlie, as he tries to reconnect with his teenage daughter. They were estranged when he abandoned his family for his gay lover, who later died. Charlie has since turned to compulsive eating out of grief.

(We assume Brendan will wear a fat suit, and NOT go full-Christian Bale and gain all that weight himself. It's also possible that the PC police will be upset about the movie not casting an ACTUAL morbidly obese actor.)

Photo: Getty Images