Doing Good: don't be quick to judge your neighbor

1. With everything still canceled because of COVID, an anonymous person donated $2 MILLIONto cover the salaries of the entire Colorado Symphony Orchestra through summer.

2. Last week, we heardabout a dog in New Jersey who helped saved its owner after he had a stroke. Now the guy's back home recovering. And the dog went nuts when they were reunited outside a hospital on Tuesday.

3. A woman on Long Island recently got shamed for still having her Christmas lightsup. It turned out her dad and aunt both died of COVID last month, and he was the one who put them up. So that's why she hadn't taken them down yet. And now a bunch of her neighbors are putting THEIR lights back up to support her.

4. A doctor in Massachusetts named Ben Moor started a program where hospital workers who are fully vaccinated can sign up to spend their free time sitting with COVID patients, so they don't have to fight the virus alone. He's got about 50 people doing it already, and wants to expand it to other hospitals around the country.