Tim McGraw is Godfather for famous friends new baby

Screening Of Screen Gems' "Country Strong" - Arrivals

Screening Of Screen Gems' "Country Strong" - Arrivals

Tim McGraw has been named godfather the son of Garret Hedlund and Emma Roberts, Rhodes Robert

Garrett told Kelly Clarkson on her show, "He's somebody that I admire and respect, not only as an amazing father and an amazing husband, amazing musician and amazing actor."

Tim starred with Garrett in the movies Friday Night Lights and Country Strong.

Garrett said about fatherhood, "I know that for us, as babies growing up, eventually you’re left to cry and sort that out. But I can’t handle it at this point. Which is a wonderful thing, but eventually I’m going to have to let him cry himself to sleep." 

Tim jokingly suggested, "It’s never easy and it’s never going to get easy. The way to fix that is to just throw a couple other kids in there; then you don’t think about it as much." 

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