Jennifer Lopez tells tabloids "you're dumb" after break-up story posted

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Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez spent their weekend refuting Friday’s shocking headlines that they split. On Saturday, a joint statement denied a breakup while hinting at a rough patch. It said, (quote) “We are working through some things.”

A source made it sound dire when they told E! News,(quote) “Alex is convincing Jennifer to try and work things out. Jennifer is giving herself time to think about their future. Alex is fully aware that this relationship is hanging by a thread.”

J-Lo unleashed on Sunday a slickly produced TikTok synced with the raunchy tune, “Pretty B Freestyle”, bySaweetie. The 30-second video featured snippets from J-Lo’s career of her acting like a boss. About halfway through, she turned to the camera to tell the tabloids, "You’re dumb.”

People noted there’s only one brief glimpse of A-Rod in that TikTok. It’s 100 percent J-Lo. Also, she has not appeared at all this month in Alex’s timeline. That’s raised a few eyebrows. An insider offered a reason, (quote) “They were having problems before she left for the Dominican Republic [for a movie shoot]. They haven't been able to see each other much in person. But they love each other and want to keep working on things.”

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