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Alabama couple float out to sea on inflatable boat and have to be rescued!

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A young couple were vacationing in Alabama when their blow-up raft got swept out to sea.

Fortunately, the couple was rescued, but they say things could have gone much worse.

Kelsey Jackson was at the beach near Gulf Shores with her boyfriend when they took a $270 blow-up raft out into the water.

According to her, things started off pleasant enough before getting out of control. She said she and her boyfriend were laying on the raft when they suddenly noticed that the water had gotten much deeper. The couple had reportedly washed two miles out to sea.

Even worse, Jackson believes there were likely sharks in the water. Fortunately, Jackson’s boyfriend’s family noticed that the couple had washed so far out and called 911. A rescue helicopter quickly appeared on the scene and a nearby boat noticed the situation and came to help. Several other boats eventually arrived, including one jet skier.

That's why inflatable boats are for the lake or the pool! Good lord!

Photo: Getty Images

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