Doing Good: Groom carries bride's special needs sister down the isle

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Photo: Getty Images

A Ohio couple’s wedding video is going viral on TikTok for all the right reasons. In the clip, the groom,Brian Altieris seen carrying the bride’s special needs twin sister down the aisle to join the waiting wedding party. Bride Morgan Watkins, now Morgan Altier, shared the post recently and it’s been viewed more than 45-million times.

The post has also garnered millions of likes and thousands of comments. In response to one, Morgan wrote that it’s always been her plan to include her sister, Macey in her special day. “Where I go she goes,” says Morgan. “I always told myself I'll never be with a man who doesn’t love her and accept her just like I do.”

For what it’s worth, the internet says this guy’s a keeper. Here are just a few of the comments:

  • “Ladies and gentlemen, this is what a REAL gentleman looks like.”
  • “All the bridezillas out there talking about their special day. I see 2 queens here. And a prince.”
  • “Best thing I’ve EVER seen on TikTok. He’s a million % a keeper.”
  • And one commenter said it best, “Marry that man twice.”

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