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What you're most likely to forget at the grocery store for Thanksgiving

U.S troops Celebrate Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

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Same-day delivery company Shipt has just come out with their first-ever Thanksgiving Most Forgotten List. Overall, 61% of those polled say they forgot to buy a food or seasoning for their Thanksgiving feast. Topping the list as the most forgotten Thanksgiving item is cranberries, which 33% of people say they have forgotten. Only 14% of people admit they forgot to buy alcohol for their Thanksgiving gathering.

Top 10 Most Forgotten Thanksgiving-Related Items

1.Cranberries (33%)

2.Fragrant Spices (such as Thyme) (30%)

3.Napkins (23%)

4.Beverages (21%)

5.Pumpkin Spices (20%)

6.Pie crust (20%)

7.Potatoes (17%)

8.Plates (16%)

9.Table and autumn-specific decor (15%)

10.Candles (14%)

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