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Banned phrases for 2022- just quit saying them!!

Every year, Michigan's Lake Superior State University comes up with a list of words and phrases that we should put away. The 2022 list, compiled from over 1,000 nominations, will have social media junkies saying, "Wait, what?" -- because it starts out with that two-word phrase. Here are the Top 10 words/phrases that should be banished:

1. Wait, what?

2. No worries

3. At the end of the day

4. That being said

5. Asking for a friend

6. Circle back

7. Deep dive

8. New normal

9. You’re on mute

10. Supply chain

For the record, last year's list included such must-avoids as "in these uncertain times," "pivot" and, of course, "Karen."

Photo: Getty Images

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